EZcompile Roadmap

In this document, I shall describe the project goals, from the current CVS to the 0.5 release. Once we get through this, I should be writing another roadmap, from 0.6 to 1.0. These goals aren't guaranteed to be met. ;-)

For the 0.1 release, the goal is to have the program succesfully compile the Linux kernel in both GUI and command line modes. Not a very ambitious release. Released August 9, 2004

With the 0.2 release, the goal is to have both an "idiot mode" and expert mode in the GUI mode. Command line shouldn't change much. Expected release date: September 25, 2004

The 0.3 release should be able to succesfully compile both a 2.6 series kernel, and a 2.4 series kernel. Refinement on GUI mode also expected.

This release should have a module that includes the instructions for building a kernel. This module will be easy to modify or upgrade in case a new kernel with different compiling instructions comes out. Might have an automatic updater for the module.

The 0.5 release will have an automatic updater for the above-mentioned module, if 0.4 does not have this feature. Also, we should have an automatic downloader for the Linux kernel.

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